You decided you want to be a digital marketer because it looks exciting and that’s where you believe you can make good money and help others to be successful along the way.

You have read just about everything there is to read on the subject and now you are not so sure. It seems like a lot of work, and so confusing. Where do you start? Why do you have to learn so many new skills just to get going?

Now you doubt your decision. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so attractive.

It’s frustrating. You deserve better and I’m here to help.

I help the starter digital marketer to get into the industry, generating results for themselves or their clients quickly and easily.

Have you ever said

  • “it’s going to be ages before I am going to earn anything”
  • “how many skills do I need before I can generate results for my clients?”
  • “digital marketing has so many components I will never master them quick enough to earn a full-time income”
  • “why is there so much conflicting advice online? I cannot sort out the fact from fiction”
  • “how can I learn all of this stuff whilst holding down a job?”
  • “Can I move from my current job to becoming a digital marketer without affecting my immediate income?”

Are you dreading the thought of working for months with little to no income, or studying all hours of the day and night, making your life miserable?

18 years ago, I had these same thoughts and concerns. I took the plunge into digital marketing after having a highly paid managerial position with a very large software company, earning a 6 figure salary.

Unfortunately for me, I did not have access to the information, help and guidance you will find on this website. It just wasn’t available back then.

The lack of help did not stop me. I simply had to make all the mistakes, and spend a lot of money and time with no result. It took me at least 5 years to earn any decent income online by watching what people, who were more successful than me, were doing and then copying them.

Strangely, I did not make the same money as the people I was copying, which, for a while, really confused me. Until I realised that some of them were lying about their actual income, to persuade me to buy the latest shiny object they were selling.

Those people who were making life-changing incomes did not reveal all the things they were doing to limit the competition. Those secrets were the things I had to work out for myself.

Today, there is a ton of content about digital marketing. So much that it is difficult to work out the useful stuff from the rubbish.

As you may have already found, there is a lot of conflicting information regarding how to be successful with digital marketing. Trying to follow all the advice will only lead to wasting time, money and effort for little to no result.

I started this website because I was fed-up with the lies, deceit and sharp sales practices of some so-called “gurus” taking money for products and services that would never generate results.

I have fallen too often for parting with my hard-earned money to buy products I wanted to believe in, and get no results.

I don’t want starter digital marketers like you to have to go through what I did. Instead, I am growing this website to give you access to genuinely useful and actionable content that helps you get the results you want, in the easiest way possible.

No hype. No false promises. Just the truth.

All content on this site comes from hard-earned experience and trial and error over the last 18 years, which eventually has enabled me to get significant results for many clients I have helped.

Now I am giving back to help digital marketers just starting to short-circuit the time it will take to get the same results, without having to wait 18 years.

Once a week, I post actionable and relevant content for starter digital marketers wanting to build an income.

I demystify the skills and techniques required to be successful with digital marketing, with an emphasis on keeping it simple and easy, so you don’t spend more than a few hours each day to become successful. Work-life balance is important too, right?

To get started, make sure you read my free digital marketing blueprint. It will set you on the right path from day one by guiding you one step at a time to becoming a digital marketer. You can get it here.

Enjoy the journey.

All the best
Greg Spence

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